The Queen’s Companion

The Queen’s Companion
A fanatical religious group is trying to assist the Church in ridding itself of heretics. They terrorize the small kingdom of Montalcino. Catherine, its queen, is returning from Rome, where she sought the Pope’s help. She and her soldiers discover a woman being raped and tortured. They rescue Lady Isabella. During her convalescence the women fall in love.

The sexual tension creates a spiritual struggle for Catherine, who believes that their feelings doom them for eternity. The more she tries to deny her feelings, the more power they have over her. Eventually, Catherine gives into her love for Isabella. She marries to cover the relationship, but this only intensifies the


danger because her Bishop is determined to expose her. His own life a web of secrecy and lies, he seduces Catherine’s naïve daughter, Sofia, into friendship. As Catherine and Isabella travel the kingdom, working as part of an underground movement to help the people of Montalcino deal with the brutalities of the Inquisition, Sofia becomes an unwitting pawn in the Bishop’s dangerous game. Lives, and an entire kingdom, are propelled toward disaster.

Set against the backdrop of one of the most wretched times in human history, The Queen’s Companion is an epic tale of lives torn apart by ambition, greed, lust and betrayal. But, it is also a story of how love can transform broken souls.


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